Presidential election: CAN, Makinde, Okogie, Omobude advise Bakare

By Sam Eyoboka & Olayinka Latona

REACTIONS have continued to trail recent pronouncement by the
founder/Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde
Bakare that he would be running for president of Nigeria based
on divine directive.

While speaking to his congregation during New Year’s Eve
service at the Latter Rain Assembly in the Ogba area of Lagos
State, the renowned televangelist revealed that God wants him
to run despite his plan to quit politics for good.

He was, however, not specific about whether he would be running
for next year’s presidential elections, but just urged the
congregation to pray for him and promised to update them. It
will be recalled that Pastor Bakare entered the political foray
in 2011 when he was picked as the running mate of current
President Muhammadu Buhari, on the platform of the defunct
Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) during the 2011
presidential election which he lost to former President
Goodluck Jonathan.

When asked to comment on the development, the General Secretary
of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Musa Asake
simply said: “Let’s wait to see.   If God has
ordained him to be the president, fine, it’s next year, so
let’s wait and see. I don’t know how they read their bible. The
Bible is very clear. Anybody who says he’s a prophet and
prophesies and it doesn’t come to pass, the Bible stated that
you take him out of the city and stone him. 

“These people that are just making a name and playing with
God’s name, they don’t know that when their end begins to
crumble, they will have no place to stay. It was the same God
that asked him to run with Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 and they
didn’t win, so, why then will he declare that God sent him?
Don’t let me think his God is different from the God we
worship. That’s not my God,” Asake stated.

The CAN Scribe emphasized that “there’s nowhere my God has said
anything and it failed. These people must be serving a small
letter god. God asked him to run with Buhari and that they were
going to make it, finally he did not. Buhari later picked
another pastor, Yemi Osinbajo. Maybe he was wishing they would
have picked him but it was the same God that was misdirecting
him. And now God is bringing him back again so we will wait to
see that God again next year God willing.”
* Prelate Sunday Ola

The immediate past Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, His
Eminence, Most Rev. Sunday Ola Makinde also responded by
adopting the wait-and-see stand, saying if Bakare is the Moses
that will take the nation into the Promised Land, it will soon
be obvious to all Nigerians.

According to him, if God had told Bakare to come out of
retirement, “let him go to the field and try. I’m not saying
God does not call anybody. The only thing he needs to do is to
go to the field and present himself and see if people will vote
for him. Let him go and then show us his manifesto and see if
he’s the savior of Nigeria; we will know because what we know
is his manifesto. He has been in politics ever since. I will
not say no but Nigerians will decide. This time 2019, God will
decide for us and Nigeria will be His instrument.”

Asked whether such proclamations actually represent the mind of
God, the retired Prelate said: “That’s why I said let him
present himself to Nigerians first, let us know his political
party. It’s not enough to say God has said I will be the
president. There are certain steps you have to take before
people will believe your prophecy. Which party do you belong
to? What political ideology do you have? What are your
manifestos to bring Nigeria out of the woods? I want a savior,
somebody who will bring us out of slavery. We need a savior and
that savior will be examined by Nigerians.

“Some people said when they were voted in, there would be no
power failure, one naira will be equal to one dollar, what have
they done? We don’t want any fake promises again. If Bakare
believes he’s the Moses, let him come as well, by their fruits
we shall know them. If I know he’s the savior, I wouldn’t mind
but he has to tell us his manifesto and his ideologies,”
Makinde explained.

When asked to comment on the New Year proclamation of the
General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, a former CAN
president and retired Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Archdiocese,
Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie dismissed it as a day dream,
urging Nigerians to be focused and “don’t mind all these
prophets and prophetesses who are more interested in their
pecuniary gains. There’s only one God. If we are all serving
the same God, God is not a liar, all of the so called prophets
will be prophesying the same thing because God is the truth.
But what they are now giving us, they are making God a liar.

“If it is the same God we are all serving—-the same God who
made heaven and earth—-He will not tell different things to
different prophets and cause confusion among His people because
God is not a confusionist. I don’t know what is wrong with
Nigerians, we are very gullible. Somebody got up the other day
and said ’I want ten of you to give me one billion each, if you
are ready, wait for me in my office, if you cannot do that,
give me a hundred million each.’ What about that?
Rev. Musa Asake

“I was trying to put one and one together to say are these
people turning their churches to political parties? Are they
preparing for the election? What is he going to do with all
that money? Recently I read in the newspaper where he said we
should all get registered and bring your Voters card and we
will tell you what to do with the party. Should a newspaper
publish that kind of thing? Is that news? I don’t know what is
happening to this nation,” Okogie asked.

National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria,
PFN, Rev. Felix Omobude would rather want Nigerians to wait for
the manifestation of the Pastor Bakare’s New Year prophetic
utterance, maintaining that as a Nigerian, he has the
inalienable right to say what he believes, if God asked him.

“We are in this country, let us wait, watch and see. We have
been hearing people saying God said this or that.

Reminded of the Rev. Chris Okotie’s episode and asked what such
unfulfilled declarations portend for the Christian faith, the
PFN helmsman said nobody should conclude that people like Rev.
Okotie, who contested three times and lost, has failed.

“Rev. Chris Okotie is still alive; maybe God told him a time
frame when he would become president. As long as he lives, he
has the right to contest and still look forward towards it. If
it is God, it will surely come to pass. Nigerians should not
easily judge but wait to see as time unfolds. From time to
time, there have been fake and original prophets but time will
prove each,” he noted.

On the other hand, the head, Media and Publicity at the
Methodist Church Nigeria, Rev. Dapo Daramola was of the opinion
that Pastor Tunde Bakare was at liberty to voice his interest
in any political office of his choice, pointing out that even
traditional religionists have at one time or the other claimed
to be directed by God to do some specific things.

“Every politician, whether he’s a Muslim or Christian have
often laid claim to divine direction when they are seeking any
office. Even a collapsed marriage when you counseled the couple
they will always tell you they heard it from God.

So, anybody can actually lay claim to divine direction. It’s
not new. So, if Pastor Tunde Bakare now claims that God
directed him to run for President, when he ran for Vice
president, was it God that told him? Or when Oga Justice Party,
FRESH Party, how many parties has he formed already…and told
the nation that God said to him that this was right time and he
didn’t win, who arrested him?

“Bringing God’s name in all of these things is nothing new or
strange. Time will tell if God actually directed him to run for
the presidency of this country. People can call God even in
their individual endeavors. We will know whether it’s God who
spoke to him or not.

The Bible is very clear on unfulfilled prophecies. It says ‘Woe
unto those who says thus says the Lord what the Lord has not
spoken,’ and because He is a God that is slow to anger many
people tend to take Him for granted. So, it’s very easy for
many people to lie against this very God, whether those we look
at as true and credible pastors or those who are nonentity
pastors, but the truth is somebody had made similar claim that
God had told him to contest, he failed. Another four years
came, He came and told the world that God asked him to form a
new movement which he named FRESH Party and he still failed.

“So, if you aggregate some of these things you will only come
to one realization and that is that our God is so patient with

But I know; it’s not as if He doesn’t punish apostasy,
blasphemy, or other similar infractions….but He does it in His
own way and time. If not by grace, who can stand in His
presence? It’s quite unfortunate that people are making a
mockery of God through all manner of comic pronouncements.
Allow them and we will wait and see whether their prophecies
will come to pass,” Rev. Daramola stated.

Source: Vanguard News

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